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Different Tips for Licensing your Music


Music Licensing – You want every chance to produce income from your music, and while mechanical royalties (for sales of actual product and digital downloads) have declined, there are more opportunities than ever to have your music heard on television and in movies. In addition to the fiscal advantage, for songwriters who are also recording artists, outstanding placements in TV shows and films can help expand your fan base, in addition to looking great on a resume. But there are additional reasons to place songs on television and in films. In many genres, like rock, singer/songwriter, alternative rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, instrumental, and Americana music, it’s quite tough to put “outside tunes” – songs not written or co-composed by the artist or producer. It’s also tough to place tunes that sound as though they belong in another era for 1940s swing music, Patsy Cline, example, or psychedelic rock from 1968….